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Maintenance Tools, Hand and Power Tools

Building maintenance tools speaks to hand and power tools and explains tool use.

This section deals with the tools both hand and power that the building maintenance technician or home owner may need on a daily basis.

It should be noted that any work that is covered by local trades codes must be done by licensed tradesmen. This is especially true in the plumbing trade when dealing with high pressure water systems and steam. It is also true for any steam systems.

These repairs are applicable to both building and home repairs.

Home owners, as a rule limit themselves to just a few tools which will take care of most of their maintenance needs. When purchasing any kind of tool always buy the best. Good tools are for the most part a lifetime investment and in the long run will cost you less than two or three cheap tool replacements.

Suggested Basic Maintenace Tools

Crosscut saw, hammer, nail set, nail punch, assorted screws and nails, steel tape, bits and hand drill, awl, two screwdrivers, (Phillips and Regular) pliers, glue, brush, small level, assortment of sandpaper and holder, adjustable wrench, knife, toilet plunger, oil and surform plane.

Additions If Desired

Hacksaw, plane, backsaw and miter box, set of three chisels, side cutting pliers, large screwdriver, pipe wrench, combination plier wrench, C clamp, sharpening stone, file, level, combination square, propane torch, bits and brace, electric drill, vise and small wrecking bar.

If You Are Serious

Metal snips, channel type pliers, scraper, wire stripper, stapler, putty knife, soldering gun, wire brush, paint brushes, portable power saw, finishing sander, jigsaw and pipe clamp.

Consideration of Small Jobs

Cutting round hole, cutting square opening, fastening to masonry, fastening to hollow wall, fastening to wood, securing loose brick, repairing rotted clapboard, repairing popped nails in drywall, patching hole in plaster wall, stopping pipe leak, loosening binding door, replacing broken windowpane, replacing sash cord, loosening stuck window and replacing socket or switch.

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