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Door wood screws speaks to buy screws for wood, wood screws and specialty wood screws.

Wood screws and other types are used when you need greater holding power than nails can provide and also when the fastened parts may have to be disassembled.

There are three common types of screw head, slot, Phillips (cross slotted) and Robertson (square).

Screws that make their own threads are of two basic types:

Thread forming used for sheet metal and thread cutting, used in heavier metal to cut a thread ahead of the main part of the screw. It could be considered more of a bolt than a screw.

Both are made in a variety special forms for door wood screws with the most widely used being below described.

Pan head (pointed) used in drilled sheet metal and thicker material ductile enough to be threaded by screw action. Also used as a high strength fastener for plywood and hardwood.

Door Wood Screws Types

Pan head (with blunt end) used in ductile materials and sheet metals where a sharp point is not needed, such as blind fastening. It requires a pre-drilled pilot hole.

Roundhead (partial tapping) which is frequently used as a thread cutting type. It acts as a small tap therefore can be used in deep holes. It is well suited to soft or hard materials and cuts machine screw threads.

Roundhead (self tapping) which is used for similar applications but thicker materials. Also cuts machine screw threads. It is made in sizes to ¼ inch diameter and require holes drilled to size.

Types of Screws

Flathead screws are used in applications where the head must be flush with the surface or slightly below it. It is available in all head types.

Oval head screws have the lower portion of the head countersunk and the top is rounded. They are easier to remove and better looking than flathead screws.

Roundhead screws are utility screws used where the fastened piece is too thin to permit countersinking and also on parts that may require a washer.

Dome head is a decorative form of flat head screw concealed by a dome cap. They are classed as ornamental.

Phillips head screws have crossed slots to minimize screw driver slip out. Cross slots are available for most type screws. A Phillips driver is required.

Robertson head screws have a square opening to minimize screw driver slip out. Robertson are available for most type screws. A Robertson driver is required.

One way screws are designed to prevent burglary and theft. If anyone should attempt to remove the screw, the screwdriver would slip out of the slot.

Dowel screws are used for end to end joints and similar applications unsuited to conventional screws.

Hanger bolt or screw has one end that is threaded like a screw so it can be driven into wood. The other end is threaded to accept a square or hex nut.

Lag bolt or screw is actually a heavy duty screw and is made in sizes up to 6 inches in length. The head end is square and the bolt is driven with a wrench.

Screw sizes

Screw sizes for door wood screws are measured by both length and diameter with length designated in inches and diameter by gauge number. Screws are available in gauges of 0 to 24 with 0 being 1/16 inch and 24 being 3/8 inch. Lengths of screws may be from ¼ inch to 6 inches. The most common screw diameters are between 0 and 16.

Select screw lengths so that at least two thirds of the screw is in the base material to which you are fastening.

To enable screws to go into the work, you must first make a pilot hole. This can be done with an awl for screws up to No 6 gauge. For larger screws use a drill bit that is at least two sizes smaller than the thread diameter.

When working in hardwood with door wood screws or if working with large diameter screws in work that is subject to splitting, drill both a pilot hole and a clearance hole for the screw shank. Clearance holes should be the same diameter as the shank and drilled one third the length of the screw.

When installing screws in new work it is suggested to lubricate the threads with soap or wax.

Screw washers

Washers are used under screw heads in some wood working applications. The washers provide added bearing surfaces and help to avoid marring of the wood when removal is necessary. There are three types of was flay, countersunk and flush.

Screw hooks

Screw hooks are made to suit specific purposes.

Cup hook is fitted with a stop cap to assure uniform extension when the hooks are used in a row.

Screw hook is used to hang tools and utensils and has a sharp point to make insertion easy and can easily be driven the depth required.

Eye and ring combinations take snap hooks as on leashes.

Screw eye is formed from a single piece for greater strength as cast and forged types are also available.

Square bend screw hook is often used to support curtain rods and in the kitchen as a hangar for pots and utensils.

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