Reciprocating Saw Review, What is a reciprocating saw used for, Best reciprocation saw

Reciprocating saw review speaks to what is a reciprocating saw used for and floor sanding and best reciprocating saw.

This review explains that this power saw is an adaptation of the saber or jigsaw for heavier duty work as made be found in the construction trades.

Saw components

  • cord
  • handle
  • blade
  • blade guide
  • motor
  • handle
  • switch Blade type Coarse toothed blade which is used to rough cut green wood. Hack saw blade which cuts metal up to 1/8 inch thick. Knife blade which is used for leather, rubber, cloth and linoleum. Fine toothed plate which is used to cut smooth cut wood, plastic and hardboard.
  • The saw blades which are interchangeable are available in lengths of 2.5 to 12 inches and made be used for cutting metal and wood up to 6 inches thick.

    Blades may be mounted to cut up, down or horizontally and flush with an adjoining surface. In structural work and remodeling, long blades are sometimes used to cut right through a wall. It is important to ensure plumbing or wiring won’t be affected before cutting for obvious reasons. These blades can cut through any nails that they may encounter.

    Some blades are manufactured for cutting metal, such as pipe or bar stock and should be lubricated with light oil during the cutting process.

    The saws are available in single speed and variable speed models. The lower speeds are more efficient in cutting steel and thermoplastics.

    Maintenance Tools

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