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Fire Safety,
Fire Extinguishers, Automated Systems, Fire Sprinkler systems

Building fire speaks to fire extinguishers, fire automated systems and fire sprinkler systems to achieve fire and safety will vary somewhat from state to state and province to province. Rest assured that all requirements will provide reliable protection. The setting of fire protection and code is ongoing and changing as fire protection systems change.

These code requirements can be found online or in hard copy as desired. Design professionals such as architects and consultants must be familiar with the designated codes and the code ongoing changes.

It is of utmost importance that specific processes both industrial and commercial require very specific and detailed fire protection systems. Chemical storage, depending on the volatility of stored chemicals will dictate whether water or chemical filled systems are necessary.

It is necessary that the specific building operators be aware where all hand fire extinguishers are located. The operator must be familiar with the operation of the fire pump, alarm panel and fire procedures.

Fire Extinguishers

There are varied type of hand fire extinguishers and different products and areas are required for many different rooms and zones.

Alarm fire protection systems, extinguishers and sprinkler systems necessary for your area, can be reviewed in local publications as written by experts.

The alarm and sprinkler systems are known as fire warning and protection systems.

The types of building systems, which provide general fire protection are:

  • Hand Fire Extinguishers.
  • Sprinkler Systems.
  • wet pipe sprinklers.
  • dry pipe sprinklers.
  • preaction sprinklers.
  • deluge sprinklers.
  • combined dry pipe and preaction sprinklers.
  • antifreeze sprinklers.
  • central carbon dioxide system.
  • dry chemical system.
  • Water Distribution Facilities.
  • wet standpipe with siamese connections.
  • fire hose cabinets.
  • fire and jockey pumps.
  • alarm panels and alarms.
  • Fire Extinguisher Operation

    Building Fire Safety Systems

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