Fire Extinguisher Operation, How do fire extinguishers work

Fire extinguisher operation speaks to how do fire extinguishers work and fire extinguisher type and presents information on hand held equipment which is provided to handle fires during early stages where the hazard requires specific types of extinguishers. The building operator should be familiar with the locations of all fire extinguishers, their type and what class of fire they are used for.

The extinguishers available are:

Carbon dioxide which are intended to be used on class B and C type fires involving flammable liquids, gasoline, grease and electric powered equipment and switch gear.

Multipurpose dry chemical which are intended to be used on class A, B and C type fires involving wood, paper, flammable liquids, gasoline, grease, electric powered equipment and switchgear.

Water pump which are intended to be used on class A type fires involving paper, wood or cardboard.

A cold fire extinguisher is a dry chemical extinguisher that pulls the heat out of fire and covers the heat source to prevent additional burning. The chemical can be bought in large volume and mixed with water using any kind of suitable spray device.

Fire extinguisher inspection tags should be attached to all fire extinguishers. The fire extinguishers should be wall mounted in the area to be protected. The fire inspection tag is to be signed by the inspection authority and dated. It is mandatory that fire extinguishers be inspected on a monthly basis.

Explain Fire Extinguisher Labels

Fire extinguisher labels must meet all UL standards and codes for fire extinguishers. The labels must be durable and be able to endure in harsh environments. The labels must be of a destructible adhesive type and indicate if the label has been tampered with.

A first alert fire extinguisher is any fire extinguisher that is at hand to provide first and immediate fire suppression. The first fire alert fire extinguisher available should be the correct type for the immediate area fire requirements.

Building Fire Safety

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