Building Fire Safety Systems

Building fire safety systems speak to the components of a fire safety systems explains fire safety for buildings including water distribution facilities which are provided to allow use of a large quantity of water to fight fires which are in advanced stages. The following piping and equipment may be installed.

Wet Standpipe with Siamese Connections

There may be one or more standpipes which are connected to a siamese connection at ground level on the exterior of the building.

A check valve between the siamese fitting and the standpipe with it's normal source of water, makes it possible for that portion of the piping exposed to possible freezing conditions to be dry. A small hole in a low point on this outside line, assures no water can collect in this dry part of the line.

At each floor level there is a valve with outlet, having threads compatible with the hoses of the local fire department. These valves may be in stairwells, in special cabinets or in conjunction with equipment in the fire hose cabinet.

Explain Fire Safety Components

There is often a fire pump to boost the city water pressure enough to meet fire code requirements.The siamese connections at ground level are available to the fire department pumper truck to connect to. The firemen can then connect their hoses at any of the fittings provided on the riser, to battle fire at any floor.

Fire Hose Cabinets

The cabinets are provided to contain hose racks, hose valves, nozzles, hose piping and valves. The shutoff valve must be opened when the hose is to be used. The building operator should become familiar with the location of all cabinets.

Fire Pumps for Fire Protection in Buildings

The pumps are supplied complete with cabinet, motor starter, circuit breaker, disconnect switch and other control devices. The fire pumps activate automatically, only under a fire condition.

The separate jockey pump, as described in the wet pipe system should be used to maintain the desired fire protection system pressure. When a fire hose cabinet valve is opened, the riser pressure drops which activates the fire pump.


A water activated gong alarm located on the side of the building and an electrical alarm will sound when there is water flow through the sprinkler system.

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Building Fire Safety

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