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Building Heating Systems

Building heating systems speak to what is a building heating system and how does a building heating system work to heat a building.

The building heating system lists the mechanical equipment which is part of the hot water heating system. This system is also known as a hydronic heating system.

Those of us who are slightly advanced can use this information for simple heating system tests and heating system troubleshooting.

Building Heating Systems Equipment

The mechanical equipment that may be included:

  • Hot Water Boilers

  • Heating Circuit.

  • heating water pumps.
  • excess pressure control loop.
  • heating water expansion tank.
  • makeup water system.
  • water chemical treatment.

  • Heat Exchanger

  • Heating Terminal Units
  • convector radiation.
  • convector radiation temperature control loop.
  • ceiling and cabinet unit heaters.
  • fan coil units.

  • Glycol Circuit

  • glycol pumps.
  • charging tank.
  • expansion tank.

    Steam Boilers

  • feed water chemical treatment.
  • condensate return.

    Boiler Reference Terms

    Explain Boilers

    Explain Steam Boilers

    Glycol Circuit

    Hot Water Heating Circuit

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