Explain Boilers, What is a boiler, How does a boiler work

Explain boilers speaks to what is a boiler and how does a boiler work.

The purpose of the boilers information is to provide information of heating water, for the various building mechanical system components. It allows heat to be transferred from the primary fuel, gas, oil, coal and electricity.

The heating water is circulated to the various zones to maintain comfortable ambient conditions.

The mechanical equipment which circulate and condition the hot water are:

  • Primary and secondary heating water pumps.
  • Expansion tanks.
  • Excess pressure control loop.
  • Makeup water system.
  • Water chemical treatment.
  • Explain Boiler Components

    The boiler components are:

  • Air system heating coils.
  • Convector radiation system.
  • Heat exchangers.
  • Ceiling hung unit heaters.
  • Cabinet hot water unit heaters.
  • Fan coil units.
  • Ducted force flow units.

    Building Heating Systems

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