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Interior Walls and Partitions

Interior Walls and Partitions, speaks to types of interior walls and partitions, why interior walls and partitions.

Behind their simple surfaces lie assemblies of materials carefully chosen and combined to meet specific performance requirements relating to structural strength, fire resistance, durability and acoustical isolation.

A partition may be framed with steel or wood studs and faced with plaster or gypsum board. Alternatively, masons may construct it of concrete blocks or structural clay tiles. For improved appearance or durability, a partition may be faced with ceramic tiles, masonry veneer, wood paneling, or any long list of other finish materials to tailor it to the requirements of a specific application.

Types of Interior Walls

Fire Walls                                                          

Shaft Walls   

Fire Barriers and Fire Partitions   

Smoke Barriers and Smoke Partitions

Framed Partition Systems

Partition Framing

Fireblocking of Combustible Concealed Spaces


Gypsum Plaster

Types of Gypsum Plaster

How to Plaster


Plaster Systems

Plaster Techniques

Veneer Plaster


Plaster Ornament

Gypsum Board

Types of Gypsum Board

Hanging Gypsum Board

Finishing Joints and Fastener Holes

Gypsum Board Partition Systems

Gypsum Shaft Wall Systems

Masonry Partition Systems

Wall and Partition Facings

Key Terms Used in the Industry 


Shaft Wall   

Fire Barrier   

Fire Partition    

Fire Area   

Smoke Barrier  

Smoke Partition   

Light Gauge Steel Stud   

Runner Channel    

Furring Strip   

Hat Channel    


Synthetic Gypsum    



Wattle and Daub   



Calcined Gypsum  

Plaster of Paris   

Base Coat Plaster   

Finish Coat Plaster     

Mill Mixed Base Coat Plaster   

Ready Mixed Base Coast Plaster   

Neat Base Coat Plaster   

Gypsum Plaster   

Wood Fibered

Gypsum Plaster 

Lightweight Gypsum Plaster   


Ready Mixed Finish Plaster   

Gauging Plaster   

Hydrated Finishing Lime   

Lime Putty                              

High Strength Gauging Plaster   

Keenes Cement    

Molding Plaster    

Portland Cement Lime Plaster, Stucco   






Expanded Metal Lath                            

Self Drilling Self Tapping Screw   

Lathing Nail   

Gypsum Lath   

Veneer Plaster Base   

Gypsum Veneer base   

Trim Accessories   

Control Joint   


Scratch Coat                        

Brown Coat   

Edge Bead   

Corner Bead   

Corner Bead   

Plaster Screed   

Finish Coat   

Veneer Plaster   

Self Furring Metal Lath   

Line Wire   



Cast Plaster Ornament   

Run Plaster Ornament   



Gypsum Board   

Gypsum Wallboard   



Type X Gypsum Board   

Type C Gypsum Board   

Water Resistant Gypsum Backing Board  

Abuse Resident Gypsum Board                                        

Impact Resistant Gypsum Board   

Mold Resistant Gypsum Board   


Ceiling Gypsum Board   

Foil Backed Gypsum Board   

Predecorated Gypsum Board

Exterior Gypsum Soffit Board   

Tapered Edge   

Gypsum Backing Board   

Nail Popping                                         

Joint Compound   

Drying Type Joint Compound   

Setting Compound   

Finish Level                          

Fire Taping   

Skim Coat   

Demountable Partition System   

Glazed Structural Clay Tile   

Ceramic Tile   

Thickset Tile   

Mortar Bed Tile   

Thin Set Tile   

Tile Backing Board                          

Tile Backer Board   

Dry set Mortar   

Latex/Polymer Modified Portland Cement Mortar                    

Organic Adhesive   


Waterproofing Membrane      

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Fire and Shaft Walls

Fire Barriers and Partitions

Smoke Barriers and Partitions

Framed Partition Systems

Gypsum Plaster

Gypsum Disposal

Types of Gypsum Plaster

How to Plaster

Types of Gypsum Board

How To Install Gypsum Board

Gypsum Joints and Holes

Gypsum Board Finish Levels

Gypsum Partition Systems

Masonry Partition Systems

Wall and Partition Facings

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