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Explain Refrigerant

Explain Refrigerant speaks to what is refrigerant, types of refrigerant and why use refrigerant.

Ice was the earliest known refrigerant and was used to remove heat from ice sheds from inside to outside therefore preserving food for a longer period of time. It is to put it simply moving heat from location to another location.

In today’s world the heat is transported by the means of mechanized equipment. Refrigerant is used in air conditioning equipment, freezers, refrigerators and even cyrogenics.

The process of refrigeration has had a great effect on the settlement of people throughout various areas of the world. The introduction of mobile refrigeration equipment food stuffs can easily be moved from region to region therefore directly affecting how countries are populated and settled.

It is doubtful that civilization would have been able to flourish and the world population increase to seven billion without the advent of refrigeration. The consumption of meat, fowl and fish woild be curtailed as people could only eat what was recently killed. Smoking and salting of meat helped much to increase the storage time of this food but was a time consuming and limited to small amounts of food.

This website serves as a Refrigerant Reference Guide which advises what information is available in detail. More detail on all refrigeration queries may be found At the National Refrigerants website http://www.refrigerants.com/catalog.pdf . They provide a Refrigerant Reference Guide which provides detail and is known as the Worldwide Refrigerant Supplier 2004 Fourth Edition.

Table of Contents

Part 1 – Refrigerants - Technical Guidelines

Part Numbers

Refrigerant Property Summary

Application Summary

Product Data Summary

Thermodynamic Tables

R-11 and R-12, R-13, R-22, R-23, R-123 and R-124, R-134a, R-401A and R-401B, R-402A and R-402B,       R-403B, R-404A, R-407C, R-408A, R-409A, R-410A, R-414B, R-416A, R-417A, R-500 and R-502, R-503,          R-507, R-508B

ARI Chemical Names and Color Codes

 Part 2 – Retrofits and Conversions

Blend Behaviour and Technical Issues

Retrofit Checklist and System Data Sheet

General Retrofit Guidelines and Procedures


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Refrigerant Parts Explained

R22 R23 Refrigerant Summary

R12 Type R22 Refrigerant Summary

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