R12 Type R22 Refrigerant Summary

R12 Type R22 refrigerant summary speaks to what is R12 Type R22 refrigerant summary and why use R12 Type R22 refrigerant summary.

Refrigerant Application Summary R-12 type, R-22 AC and High Ambient and Centrifugal Chillers

R-12 – R-414B Medium High Temperature Refrigeration

ASHRAE # (Trade Name)      R- 414B (Hot Shot)                                                                                      Components (Weight %)        22/600a/124/142b (50/1.5/39/39.5)                                                                                           Charging (% Original)             80 - 85%

ASHRAE # (Trade Name)      R-416A (FRIGC FR12)                                                                                               Components (Weight %)        134a/124/600 (59/39/2)                                                                                                      Charging (% Original)             90 – 95%

Application Comments

Overall Concerns

Higher application temps will drive up head pressure and discharge temperature. These blends will lessen the abuse on the system but cost some capacity.

Retrofit Recommendations (in order of NRI preference based on performance/ease of use) 414B, 416A Lower, or no R-22 cuts down on discharge temperature/pressure.

R-401A, R-401B, R-409A for R-12 or R-500 air conditioning (direct expansion systems).


R-22 type Air Conditioning

ASHRAE # (Trade Name)        R-407C (SUVA9000)                                                                                            Components (Weight %)          32/125/134a (23/25/52)                                                                                  Charging (% Original)               95 – 100%

ASHRAE # (Trade Name)        R-410A (AZ 20)                                                                                              Components (Weight %)          32/125 (50/50)                                                                                                       Charging (% Original)               N/A

ASHRAE # (Trade Name)        R-417A (NU-22)                                                                                    Components (Weight %)          125/134a/600a (46.6/50/3.4)                                                                                               Charging (% Original)               95 – 100%

Application Comments

Overall Concerns

R-22 availability and price make retrofitting a less attractive option, however it is possible to use R-407C (POE Flush) or R-417A for retrofitting.

New equipment is being designed around R-410A (higher efficiency models), although it is possible that thr R-22 “look alike” blends may be used also. Decision time frame depends on the new Energy efficiency guidelines from DOE. (Residential, 2006)

High Ambient and Centrifugal Chillers

ASHRAE # (Trade Name)        R-124                                                                                            Components (Weight %)          Pure                                                                                          Charging (% Original)               N/A

ASHRAE # (Trade Name)        R-123                                                 Components (Weight %)          Pure                                                                                                       Charging (% Original)               N/A

Application Comments

R-114 high ambient AC can use R-124 or very large R-134a systems.    Centrifugal chillers require major equipment upgrades to retrofit to another refrigerant. Chiller manufacturers will need to be consulted for such jobs.




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