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Explain Building Cooling

Explain Building Cooling speaks to what is building cooling and how does building cooling work.

These systems describes what is included in a typical system. This information about the air conditioning process will allow for some rudimentary system troubleshooting for those of us who are slightly advanced in this field.

This system exists to remove heat in a controlled manner from the buildings we live and work in. Heat in buildings can be generated by many sources, outdoor air, solar gain, lights, computers, fax machines, printers and human beings. Heat generated is quite meaningful and can result in uncomfortable ambient conditions.

Most office buildings supply air is humidified during cold winter months as the outside air brought into the building for ventilating purposes has very little moisture in it. However, most buildings supply air is not dehumidified in a controlled manner during summer months when the outside air is moist.

It would be very energy costly to dehumidify the supply air as it would require multiple steps of cooling. Some secondary dehumidification does occur as the supply air is cooled. This is not a controlled function.

Explain Building Cooling Equipment

The mechanical equipment that may be included:

  • Chillers
  • Chilled Water Circuit
  • -pumps.
  • -expansion tank.
  • -water makeup.
  • -chemical treatment.
  • -excess pressure control loop.
  • Condenser Water Circuit
  • -pumps.
  • -water makeup.
  • -chemical treatment.
  • Cooling Tower
  • Air Cooled Condenser
  • Chilled water circuit

  • AC Condenser

    Chilled Water Circuit

    Condenser Water Circuit

    Explain Chiller

    Explain Cooling Tower

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