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Construction Terminology

Building construction terminology, speaks to construction glossary and construction terms.

It explains the words and phrases used in the construction industry which allows architects, design engineers, general contractors and many varied sub contractors to speak the language of construction.

The design will consist of drawings and specifications that all engineering disciplines use and understand such as architects, surveyors, civil engineers, cost consultants, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, structural engineers, fire protection engineers, planners and even archaeological consultants.

For all these varied disciplines to understand each other the common language of construction terms are used on a daily basis.

It is important that there is a common jargon as in the world of today there is much integration of specialties that used to be separated. In days gone by architects, interior designers, engineers, developers, construction managers and general contractors would be separate entities. Now they may not be.

Thus, each such firm may offer itself as "one-stop shopping" for a construction project, from beginning to end. This is designated as a "design Build" contract where the contractor is given a performance specification and must undertake the project from design to construction, while adhering to the performance specifications.

The owner has more than the normal design team and contractor build concept. For the most part structuring the project in the design build concept where the services of architects, engineers and contractors can be integrated and therefore minimizing costs by lessening of management services. In response, many companies are growing beyond traditional offerings of design or construction services alone and are placing more emphasis on establishing relationships with other necessary participants through the design-build process.

As construction projects face more and more complex technology and systems a need for design professionals who are trained in all phases of the life style costing and develop an appreciation of the building as an advanced technological system requiring close integration of many sub-systems and their individual components, including sustainability.

Understanding the building terminology is useful in understanding how buildings are constructed and is crucial to those attempting to understand the process and it is a daunting task. The terms address issues of building science, materials used, legal considerations and building crafts in such a manner that they may be understood by all in the discipline.

These construction terms also relate to words used in the new energy efficient LEED design considerations of today, references in building codes, standards and practices

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