Construction Terms V, Construction terminology V

Construction Terms V speaks to construction terminology V and construction phrases V.

It is quite simply a list of common home and commercial building construction terminology used by architects, consultants and contractors of all kinds enabling them to speak the same language.

Valley The "V" shaped area of a roof where two sloping roofs meet. Water drains off the roof at the valleys.

Valley flashing Sheet metal that lays in the "V" area of a roof valley.

Valley Rafter A diagonal rafter that supports a valley.

Valuation An inspection carried out for the benefit of the mortgage lender to ascertain if a property is a good security for a loan.

Valuation fee The fee paid by the prospective borrower for the lender's inspection of the property. Normally paid upon loan application.

Vapor barrier A building product installed on exterior walls and ceilings under the drywall and on the warm side of the insulation. It is used to retard the movement of water vapor into walls and prevent condensation within them. Normally, polyethylene plastic sheeting is used.

Construction Terms V

Vapor Permeability Vapor permeance per unit of thickness.

Vapor Pressure A measure of the pressure exerted by water molecules in a gaseous state generally higher with higher relative humidity and higher air temperature.

Vapor Retarder A layer of material intended to resist the diffusion of water vapor through a building assembly. Also called a vapor barrier.

Variable rate An interest rate that will vary over the term of the loan.

An indulgence granted by a local zoning commission or authority to allow a non-conforming use of a property to continue. The zoning bylaw or ordinance is actually amended as it pertains to the particular property.

Varnish A slow drying transparent coating.

Vault An arched surface. A strongly built room for such purposes as housing large electrical equipment or safeguarding money.

Vee Joint A joint whose profile resembles the letter V.

One that sells materials or equipment not fabricated to a special design.

Construction Terms V

Vendors lein
Financing of a purchase of property whereby the vendor accepts only a portion of the purchase price up front and accepts a mortgage (with periodic payments and interest chargeable) for the remainder

Veneer Extremely thin sheets of wood. Also a thin slice of wood or brick or stone covering a framed wall.

Veneer Plaster A wall finish system in which a thin finish layer of gypsum plaster is applied.

Veneer Plaster Base The special gypsum board over which veneer plaster is applied.

Vent A pipe or duct which allows the flow of air and gasses to the outside. Also, another word for the moving glass part of a window sash, i.e. window vent.

Vent Spacer A device used to maintain a free air passage above the thermal insulation in attic or roof.

Construction Terms V

Verbal Quotation
A written document used by the contractor to receive a subcontract or material cost proposal over the telephone prior to the subcontractor or supplier sending their written proposal via mail or facsimile.

Vermiculite A mineral used as bulk insulation and also as aggregate in insulating and acoustical plaster and in insulating concrete floors.

Vertical Bar An upright reinforcing bar in a concrete column also called a column bar.

Vertical Grain Lumber Dimension lumber sawed in such a way that the annual rings run mostly perpendicular to the faces of each piece also called edge grain lumber.

Vierendeel Truss A truss with rectangular panels and rigid joints but no diagonal members. The members of a Vierendeel truss are subjected to string nonaxial forces.

Visible Light Transmittance The ratio of visible light that passes through a sheet of glass or a glazing unit to the amount of light striking the glass or unit.

Visqueen A 4 mil or 6 mil plastic sheeting.

Construction Terms V

Visual Grading The grading of wood for its structural properties based on visual inspection as distinct from machine grading not to be confused with appearance grading.

Vitrification The process of transforming a material into a glassy substance.

Void Cardboard rectangular boxes that are installed between the earth (between caissons) and the concrete foundation wall. Used when expansive soils are present.

Volatile Organic Compound Organic, carbon based chemical compound that evaporates readily, is a significant air pollutant, a potential irritant to building occupants and in some cases a greenhouse gas.

Volume Change Joint A building separation joint that allows for expansion and contraction of adjacent portions of a building without distress.

Voltage A measure of electrical potential. Most homes are wired with 110 and 220 volt lines. The 110 volt power is used for lighting and most of the other circuits. The 220 volt power is usually used for the kitchen range, hot water heater and dryer.

Voussoir A wedge shaped element of an arch or vault.

Construction Terms V

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