HVAC For Beginners

The HVAC For Beginners website is presented as a free information source for all those interested in building construction and detailed information on building systems theory of operation, maintenance and trouble shooting.

It is intended that this information can be used both as a training tool and as a reference source for all interested, especially for building operators, operations managers, property managers and tenant service personnel.

The information is presented in sections, with each section covering a particular portion of building construction and mechanical/electrical system considerations.

My permission is given that this HVAC For Beginners website may be saved, shared and used as a “Free” training system for all.

Subjects included are:

Building maintenance tools, both hand and powered.

Mechanical engineering terms in common use.

Facility management personnel required with required qualifications and job descriptions.

Technical support personnel required with qualifications and job descriptions.

Administration support personnel with qualifications and job descriptions.

Building electrics speaks of power supply to and within a facility.

Elevators speaks to theory of operation and maintenance.

Escalators speaks to theory of operation and maintenance.

Mechanical components speaks to all the varied equipment and components which may be found in a facility.

Air systems speaks to the varied air systems and the theory of operation.

Building cooling speaks to the mechanical cooling system and the theory of operation.

Building heating speaks to the mechanical heating systems and the theory of operation.

Plumbing systems speaks to the plumbing systems and the theory of operation.

Water treatment speaks to water treatment systems for the heating and cooling systems and the theory of such.

Commissioning speaks to the testing of systems after construction and before turn over.

Systems maintenance speaks to ongoing maintenance after construction turn over.

Fire protection speaks to the theory of operation of fire protection systems.

Energy conservation speaks to the practical and theory of systems energy conservation.

Air balance explains theory and practical application of an air balance.

Water flow explains the theory and practical application of a water balance.

Sound Measurement speaks to testing and understanding sound.

Heat pump speaks to the theory of operation.

Building automation speaks to automated controls in operation in a facility.

Laboratory speaks to the theory of operation of laboratory supply and exhaust air systems including fume hoods.

Generator speaks to the theory of operation and maintenance of electrical generators.

Other facilities speaks to other specialty systems found in buildings.

Work safety

Architecture speaks to various architectural styles.

Construction terms presents the common jargon of construction.

Hydraulics speaks to the theory of hydraulics.

Concrete speaks to the understanding of concrete.

Roof information speaks to the theory of roof construction.

Building galvanic speaks to the interaction of specific materials.

Glass in a building.

Window considerations

Door considerations

Exterior wall considerations.

Interior wall construction.

Ceiling considerations.

Floor considerations.

About Author of HVAC For Beginners

Being recently retired my 45 year career was specialized in Building Systems, especially building HVAC mechanical systems.

Having owned and operated my own company for 28 years, I have extensive experience in:

Building operations, maintenance, commissioning and mechanical systems problem solving.

Practical and theoretical understanding of air and water balance principles.

Practical and theoretical understanding of sound tests.

Practical and theoretical knowledge of laboratory systems including fume hoods, canopies and exhaust arms.

In depth understanding both MD15128 and ASHRAE 110 laboratory operational and verification guidelines.

A good understanding of the management of facilities and related mechanical/electrical systems in general is presented in HVAC For Beginners.

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Speaks to and explains building systems information which explains the many building systems.
Maintenance Tools
Speaks to building maintenance tools which will aid both the building technician and home owner.
Mechanical Engineering Terms
A description of mechanical engineering terms commonly used when discussing mechanical systems.
Company Internet Marketing Network
The company internet marketing network desires to contact bldg system product sellers.
Facility Management Online
Facility management online explains the requirements and work involved with this discipline.
Technical Support
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Building Administration Support
A description of Building Administration Support and the various jobs for such.
Explain Building Electric
Explain building electric describes power supplied to a building.
Explain Elevator
Explain elevator is a description of how elevators and their varied safeties function.
Explain Escalator
A description to explain escalator and it's function.
Mechanical Engineering Dictionary and Mechanical Components
This may be used as a mechanical engineering dictionary to explain mechanical equipment and components.
Building Air Systems
An explanation of building air systems which serve the buildings we work and live in.
Explain Building Cooling
An description to explain building cooling and the equipment required to provide such.
Building Heating Systems
Speaks to a description of building heating systems and the various heating components and the function of each of them..
Indoor Plumbing For Buildings
An explanation of indoor plumbing systems for buildings and facilities.
Water Treatment Principles and Design
A description of Building water treatment principles and design.
Commissioning HVAC Systems
This is an explanation of an approach to commissioning HVAC systems for buildings.
Building Maintenance Checklist
A building maintenance checklist for mechanical systems.
Fire Safety
Fire safety explains the various types of fire protection in a building from extinguishers to sprinkler systems.
Explain Energy Conservation
Explain energy conservation describes methods to help reduce energy use in buildings.
Air Pressure Measurement
Speaks to air pressure measurement of air flow in ducts throughout buildings.
Professional Air Balance
This is an explanation of how to provide a professional air balance for a building.
Measure Water Flow
An explanation of equipment and instruments used to measure water flow for mechanical systems in buildings.
Measure Sound
An explanation of techniques and equipment used to measure sound.
Heat Pump Operation
A description of heat pump operation including a sequence of operation..
BAS Explained
Speaks to Building Automation Systems BAS explained. Described is various control theories suggested for building automated control.
Laboratory Control of Temperature and Pressurization
A description of laboratory control of temperature and pressure
Emergency Generator
An explanation of the function of an emergency generator for a building.
Other Building Systems
A description of other building systems that may be found in a building.
Workplace Health Safety
A description of the many workplace health safety considerations and training courses available.
My Testimonial
My testimonial explains how and where I received training to allow me to build this website.
Privacy Policy
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HVAC Self Help
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HVAC Basics for Beginners
This site blog presents building systems information discussing commissioning, energy management, project and facility management and maintenance.
Atrium Architecture
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Construction Terminology
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Explain Hydraulics
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Explain Concrete
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Truss Roof Construction
Speaks to considerations of materials and methods of truss roof construction and roof construction in general.
Building Galvanic Materials
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Origins of Glass
Speaks to the history of the origins of glass and types of glass production.
Explain Windows
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Explain Doors
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Explain Exterior Walls
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Interior Walls and Partitions
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Finish Ceilings
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Finish Flooring
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