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It is quite simply a list of common home and commercial building construction terminology used by architects, consultants and contractors of all kinds enabling them to speak the same language.

Oakum Loose hemp or jute fiber that's impregnated with tar or pitch and used to caulk large seams or for packing plumbing pipe joints.

Occupancy Group In the International Building Code, a definition of the types of activities that occur within the building or a part of the building relating to considerations of life safety.

To make available, to express a willingness (whether in writing or orally), in the case of real estate, to inform another party of your willingness to sell or buy a specific property on terms set out in your offer. An offer, once made, may be accepted at any time before it is rescinded. Once accepted, the offer and acceptance generally form a binding contract.

Ogee An S shaped curve.

Oil Based Caulk A low range sealant made with Linseed oil.

On Center The measurement of spacing for studs, rafters, and joists in a building from the center of one member to the center of the next.

One Way Action The structural action of a slab that spans between two parallel beams or bearing walls.

One Way Concrete Joint System A reinforced concrete framing system in which closely spaced concrete joists span between parallel beams or bearing walls.

One Way Solid Slab A reinforced concrete floor or roof slab that spans between parallel beams or bearing walls.

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Open Listing
An agreement whereby the owner of the property may enlist more than one broker to attempt to sell the property and the commission is payable only to the successful agent.
Open Truss Wire Stud A wall framing member in the form of a small steel truss.

Open Web Steel Joist A lightweight, prefrabricated, welded steel truss used at closely spaced intervals to support floor or roof decking.

Optical Quality Ceramic A transparent, glasslike material that is used as a fire rated glazing street.

Open Hole Inspection When an engineer (or municipal inspector) inspects the open excavation and examines the earth to determine the type of foundation (caisson, footer, wall on ground, etc.) that should be installed in the hole.

Ordinary Construction A traditional building type with exterior masonry bearing walls and an exterior structure of balloon framing.

Organic Soil Soil containing decayed vegetable and or animal matter; topsoil.

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) A manufactured 4' X 8' wood panel made out of 1"- 2" wood chips and glue. Often used as a substitute for plywood.

Construction Terms O

Oriented Strand Lumber (OSL) Structural composite lumber made from shredded wood strands, coated with adhesive and pressed into a rectangular cross section.

Outrigger An extension of a rafter beyond the wall line. Usually a smaller member nailed to a larger rafter to form a cornice or roof overhang.

Outside corner The point at which two walls form an external angle, one you usually can walk around.

Overhang Outward projecting eave-soffit area of a roof; the part of the roof that hangs out or over the outside wall. See also Cornice.

OSHA is an occupational safety department of the government. This agency monitors and inspects construction projects for unsafe working conditions. Violations issued can result in fines or stop work order for the project.

Oxidation Corrosion, rusting, rust, known as chemically bonding with oxygen.

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