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It is quite simply a list of common home and commercial building construction terminology used by architects, consultants and contractors of all kinds enabling them to speak the same language.

Saddle A small second roof built behind the back side of a fireplace chimney to divert water around the chimney. Also, the plate at the bottom of some usually exterior door openings. Sometimes called a threshold.

Sack mix The amount of Portland cement in a cubic yard of concrete mix. Generally, 5 or 6 sack is required in a foundation wall.

Safety Glazing Glass or plastic glazing material that when broken does not create hazardous shards, permitted for use in locations in buildings at risk of occupant impact, typically tempered glass, laminated glass or plastic.

Safing Fire resistant material inserted into a space between a curtain wall and a spandrel beam or column to retard the passage of fire through the space.

Sales Contract A contract between a buyer and seller which should explain: (1) What the purchase includes, (2) What guarantees there are, (3) When the buyer can move in, (4) What the closing costs are, and (5) What recourse the parties have if the contract is not fulfilled or if the buyer cannot get a mortgage commitment at the agreed upon time.

Sand Float Finish Lime that is mixed with sand, resulting in a textured finish on a wall.

Sand Cushion Terrazzo Terrazzo with an underbed that is separated from the structural floor deck by a layer of sand.

Sand Mold Brick, Sandstruck Brick A brick made in a mold that was wetted and then dusted with sand before the clay was placed in it.

Construction Terms Sabc

Sandstone A sedimentary rock formed from sand, classified by ASTM C119 in the quartz based dimension group.

Sandwich Panel A panel consisting of two outer faces of wood, metal, gypsum or concrete bonded to a core of insulating foam.

Sanitary Sewer A sewer system designed for the collection of waste water from the bathroom, kitchen and laundry drains, and is usually not designed to handle storm water.

Sapwood The living wood in the outer region of a tree trunk or branch.

Sash A single light frame containing one or more lights of glass. The frame that holds the glass in a window, often the movable part of the window.

Sash Balance A device, usually operated by a spring and designed to hold a single hung window vent up and in place

Saturated Felt A felt which is impregnated with tar or asphalt.

Scab A piece of framing lumber nailed to the face of another piece of lumber.

Scarf Joint A glued end connection between two pieces of wood using a sloping cut to create a large surface for the glue bond to allow it to develop the full tensile strength of the wood that it connects.

Construction Terms Sabc

Schedule (window, door, mirror) A table on the blueprints that list the sizes, quantities and locations of the windows, doors and mirrors.

Scrap Out The removal of all drywall material and debris after the home is "hung out" (installed) with drywall.

Scratch Coat The first coat of plaster, which is scratched to form a bond for a second coat.

Screed Concrete To level off concrete to the correct elevation during a concrete pour.

Screed Plaster A small strip of wood, usually the thickness of the plaster coat, used as a guide for plastering.

Screw Port A three quarter circular profile in an aluminum extrusion made to accept a screw driven parallel to the long axis of extrusion.

Screw Slot A serrated slot profile in an aluminum extrusion made to accept screws driven at right angles to the long axis of the extrusion.

Scribing Cutting and fitting woodwork to an irregular surface.

Scupper (1) An opening for drainage in a wall, curb or parapet. (2) The drain in a downspout or flat roof, usually connected to the downspout.

Construction Terms Sabc

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