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Construction Terms YZ speaks to construction terminology YZ and construction phrases YZ.

Ir is quite simply a list of common home and commercial building construction terminology used by architects, consultants and contractors of all kinds enabling them to speak the same language.

Y A "Y" shaped plumbing fitting.

Yard of concrete One cubic yard of concrete is 3' X 3' X 3' in volume, or 27 cubic feet. One cubic yard of concrete will pour 80 square feet of 3 ½" sidewalk or basement/garage floor.

Yield Strength The stress at which a material ceases to deform in a fully elastic manner and begins to deform irreversibly.

Yoke The location where a home's water meter is sometimes installed between two copper pipes, and located in the water meter pit in the yard.

Z Brace Door A door made of vertical planks held together and braced on the back by thre pieces of wood whose configuration resembles the letter Z.

Zero Lot Line
A zoning regulation which allows certain properties to have buildings placed up to the line dividing separate properties

Zero Slump Concrete A concrete mixed with so little water that it does not sag when piled vertically.

Zinc A relatively weak and brittle nonferrous metal used most notably as a protective galvanic coating for steel.

An area of a municipality to which certain rules, regulations, bylaws or ordinances apply.

Zoning Ordinance A law that specifies in detail how land within a municipality may be used.

Z-bar flashing Bent, galvanized metal flashing that's installed above a horizontal trim board of an exterior window, door, or brick run. It prevents water from getting behind the trim/brick and into the home.

Zone The section of a building that is served by one heating or cooling loop because it has noticeably distinct heating or cooling needs. Also, the section of property that will be watered from a lawn sprinkler system.

Zone valve A device, usually placed near the heater or cooler, which controls the flow of water or steam to parts of the building; it is controlled by a zone thermostat.

Zoning A governmental process and specification which limits the use of a property e.g. single family use, high rise residential use, industrial use, etc. Zoning laws may limit where you can locate a structure. Also see building codes. Restrictions of areas or regions of land within specific geographical areas based on permitted building size, character, and uses as established by governing urban authorities.

Zoning Permit
A document issued by a governing urban authority permitting land to be used for a specific purpose.

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