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Construction terminology G

Construction Terms G speaks to construction terminology G and construction phrases G.

It is quite simply a list of common home and commercial building construction terminology used by architects, consultants and contractors of all kinds enabling them to speak the same language.

Gable The triangular wall beneath the end of a gable roof.

Gable Roof A roof consisting of two oppositely sloping planes that intersect at a level ridge.

Gable Vent A screened louvered opening in a gable, used for exhausting excess heat and humidity from an attic.

Galling Chafing or tearing of one material against another under extreme pressure.

Galvanic Couple A pair of metals with differing electrochemical potential between which electrical current will flow if the metals are placed in a conducting medium.

Galvanic Series A list of metals in order of their relative electrochemical potential when immersed in a given conducting medium.

Galvanized Steel Steel with a zinc coating for the purpose of providing protection from corrosion.

Construction Terms G

Galvanizing The application of a zinc coating to steel.

Gambrel A roof shape consisting of two superimposed levels of gable roofs with the lower level at a steeper pitch than the upper.

Gantt Chart A graphic representation of a construction schedule using a series of horizontal bars representing the duration of various tasks or groups of tasks that make up the project.

Gasket A dry resilient material used to seal a joint between two rigid assemblies by being compressed between them.

Gauge A measure of the thickness of sheet material. Lower gauge numbers signify thicker sheets.

Gauged Brick A brick that has been rubbed on an abrasive stone to reduce it to a trapezoidal shape for use in an arch.

Gauging Plaster A gypsum plaster formulated for use in combination with finishing lime in finish coat plaster.

General Contractor
A contractor who enters into a contract with the owner of a project for the construction of the project and who takes full responsibility for its completion, although the contractor may enter into subcontracts with others for the performance of specific parts or phases of the project.

Construction Terms G

Geotextile A synthetic cloth used beneath the surface of the ground to stabilize soil or promote drainage.

Girder A horizontal beam that supports other beams; a very large beam especially one that is built up from smaller elements.

Girt A horizontal beam that supports wall cladding between columns.

Glass Block A hollow masonry unit made of glass.

Glass Fiber Batt A thick, fluffy, nonwoven insulating blanket of filaments spun from glass.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Concrete with strenghthening admixture of short alkali-resistant glass fibers.

Glass Fire Wall Fire-rated glass meeting all the requirements for use as afire-resisitant rated wall assembly, also called fire resistive glazing.

Construction Terms G

Glass Mullion System A method of constructing a large glazed area by stiffening the sheets of glass with perpendicular glass ribs.

Glaze A glassy finish on a brick or tile or as a verb to install glass.

Glazed Structural Clay Facing Tile A hollow clay block with glazed faces usually used for constructing interior partitions.

Glazier One who installs glass.

Glazier’s Points Small pieces of metal driven into a wood sash to hold glass in place.

Glazing The act of installing glass; the transparent material (most often glass) in a glazed opening; as an adjective, referring to materials used in installing glass, for example “glazing tape”.

Glazing Compound Any of several types of mastic used to bed small lights of glass in a frame.

Glue Laminated Wood A wood member made up of a large number of small strips of wood glued together.

Glulam A short expression for glue laminated wood.

Construction Terms G

Grade A classification of size or quality for an intended purpose; to classify as to size or quality.

Grade Beam A reinforced concrete beam that transmits the load from a bearing wall into spaced foundations such as pile caps or caissons.

Grain In wood, the direction of the longitudinal axes of the wood fibers or the figure formed by the fibers.

Grace Period
The time a borrower is allowed after a payment is due to make that payment without incurring penalties.

Granite Igneous rock with visible crystals of quartz and feldspar.

One who receives title.

One who gives title to another.

Grandfather Clause
The clause in a law permitting the continuation of a use, business, etc., which, when established, was permissible but, because of a change in the law, is now not permissible.

Construction Terms G

Green Building Sustainable energy efficient building.
Green roof A roof covered with soil and plant material also known as eco-roof or vegetated roof.

Groove Weld A weld made in a groove, created by beveling or milling the edges of the mating pieces of metal.

Ground A strip attached to a wall or ceiling to establish the level to which plaster should be applied.

Grout A high slump mixture of Portland cement, aggregates, and water, which can be poured or pumped into cavities in concrete or masonry for the purpose of imbedding reinforcing bars and/or increasing the amount of loadbearing material in a wall. It is a specially formulated mortar like material for filling under steel baseplates and around connections in precast concrete framing; a mortar used to fill joints between ceramic tiles or quarry tiles.

Gunnable Sealant A sealant material that is extruded in liquid or mastic form from a sealant gun.

Gusset Plate A flat steel plate used to connect members of a truss; a stiffener plate.

Construction Terms G

Gutter A channel to select rainwater and snowmelt at the eave of a road.

GWB Gypsum board.

Gypsum An abundant material chemically, hydrous calcium sulfate.

Gypsum Backing Board A lower-cost gypsum panel intended for use as an interior layer in multilayer constructions of gypsum board.

Gypsum Board An interior facing panel consisting of a gypsum core sandwiched between paper faces. Also called drywall or plasterboard.

Gypsum Lath Sheets of gypsum board manufactured specifically for use as a plaster base.

Gypsum Plaster Plaster whose cementing substance is calcined gypsum a gypsum based sheet material used for exterior sheathing.

Construction Terms G

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