Construction Terms N, Construction terminology N

Construction Terms N speaks to construction terminology N and construction phrases N.

It is quite simply a list of common home and commercial building construction terminology used by architects, consultants and contractors of all kinds enabling them to speak the same language.

Nail A sharp pointed metal pin used for fastening of wood.

Nail Base Sheathing A sheathing material such as wood boards or plywood to which siding can be attached by nailing. This is differentiated from one such as cane fiber board or plastic foam board that is too soft to hold nails.

Nail Popping The loosening of nails holding gypsum board to a wall, caused by drying shrinkage of the studs.

Nail Inspection An inspection made by a municipal building inspector after the drywall material is hung with nails and screws (and before taping).

Nail Set A hardened steel punch used to drive the head of a nail to a level flush with or below the surface of the wood.

National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) The predominant Canadian model building code.

Natural Finish A transparent finish which does not seriously alter the original color or grain of the natural wood. Natural finishes are usually provided by sealers, oils, varnishes, water repellent preservatives, and other similar materials.

Near Infrared Radiation (NIR) An invisible portion of the solar spectrum that accounts for over half of the total heat energy in solar radiation.

Needle Beam A steel or wood beam threaded through a hole in a bearing wall and used to support the wall and its superimposed loads during underpinning of its foundation.

NEC (National Electrical Code) A set of rules governing safe wiring methods. Local codes—which are backed by law—may differ from the NEC in some ways.

Needling The use of needle beams.

Negative side waterproofing Waterproofing applied to the inner side of a wall, acting to resist water passage from the opposite wall.

Neoprene Polychloroprene a synthetic rubber.

Construction Terms N

Neutral Wire Usually color-coded white, this carries electricity from an outlet back to the service panel. Also see hot wire and ground.

Newel Post The large starting post to which the end of a stair guard railing or balustrade is fastened.

NIR Radiation Near infrared radiation.

Noise Reduction Coefficent (NRC) An index of the proportion of incident sound that is absorbed by a surface, expressed as a decimal fraction of 1.

Nominal Dimension An approximate dimension assigned to a piece of material as a convenience in referring to the piece.

Nonaxial In a direction not parallel to the long axis of a structural member.

Nonbearing Wall A wall supporting no load other than its own weight.

Nonhydraulic Cements Cementitious materials such as gypsum and lime, that remain water soluble after curing.

Nonmovement Joint A connection between materials or elements that is not designed to allow for movement.

Nonworking Joint A joint that is not subjected to significant deformations.

Construction Terms N

Nosing The projecting edge of a molding or drip or the front edge of a stair tread.

Notch A crosswise groove at the end of a board.

Note A formal document showing the existence of a debt and stating the terms of repayment.

Nozzle The part of a heating system that sprays the fuel of fuel-air mixture into the combustion chamber.

Nut A steel fastener with internal helical threads used to close a bolt.

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