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Construction Terms E speaks to construction terminology E and construction phrases E.

It is quite simply a list of common home and commercial building construction terminology used by architects, consultants and contractors of all kinds enabling them to speak the same language.

Earnest Money
A sum of money paid by a potential purchaser as proof of her intention to complete the purchase transaction. Held in trust, usually by the Listing Agent, and credited to Purchaser off purchase price. May be forfeited if Purchaser fails to complete transaction.

Earth Material Rock or soil

The right of the owner of one parcel of land to use all or part of the land of another for a specific purpose. Runs with the land. Requires one property to be in dominant position (enjoys the benefit of the easement) and one property to be in servient position (is subject to the right).

Eave The horizontal edge at the low side of a sloping roof.

Edge Bead A strip of metal or plastic used to make a neat, durable edge where plaster or gypsum board abuts another material.

Construction Terms E

Edge Spacer The material used to separate lights of glass in an insulating glass unit, called a spline.

Efflorescence A powdery deposit on the face of a structure of masonry or concrete, caused by the leaching of chemical salts by water migrating from within the structure to the surface.

EIFS Exterior insulation and finish system.

Elastic Able to return to its original size and shape after removal of stress.

Elastomer A rubber or synthetic rubber.

Construction Terms E

Elastomeric Rubberlike, in low slope roofing a thermosetting membrane material.

Electrochromic Glass Glass that changes its optical properties in response to the application of electric current.

Electrical Permit
City or county permit taken out by an electrical subcontractor in order to perform electrical work on a particular project.

Electrode A consumable steel wire or rod used to maintain an arc and furnish additional weld metal in electric arc welding.

Electrogalvanizing A method of galvanizing, in which an electric current is used to deposit zinc from a liquid bath onto steel.

Elevation A drawing that views a building from any of its sides; a vertical height above a reference point such as sea level.

Construction Terms E

Elongation Stretching under load; growing longer because of temperature expansion.

Embodied Energy The total life cycle energy expended in extraction of raw materials, processing, fabrication and transportation of a material or product to its point of use in a building; in some calculations, may also include energy required to dispose of or recycle the material.

Enamel A glossy or semigloss paint.

The intrusion across the property line and into one property of an improvement to a neighboring property. May result
in a claim for adverse possession if the encroachment is unchallenged for a long period of time.

Any right, interest or other claim against land which is registered on title and affects the owner's ability to sell the property.

End Dam The turned up end of a flashing that prevents water from running out of the end; a block inserted into the space within a horizontal aluminum mullion for the same purpose.

Construction Terms E

End Nail A nail driven through the side of one piece of lumber and into the end of another.

Engineered Fill Earth compacted into place in such a way that it has predictable physical properties, based on laboratory tests and specified, supervised installation procedures.

English Bond Brickwork laid with alternating courses, each consisting entirely of headers or stretchers.

EPDM Ethylene propylene diene monomer, a synthetic rubber thermosetting material used in low slope roofing membranes.

Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) The moisture content at which wood stabilizes after a period of time in its destination environment.

Equity is the amount of money value of a property or an interest in a property in excess of claims or liens against it.

Construction Terms E

Erector The subcontractor who raises, connects and plumbs up a building frame from fabricated steel or precast concrete components.

Escrow is usually money held in trust by a third party to be turned over to the grantee only upon fulfillment of a condition. This could be proceeds from a loan closing that would be held in escrow until a particular condition is met.

The amount of labor, materials, and other costs that a contractor anticipates for a project as summarized in the contractor's bid proposal for the project.

Expanded Metal Lath A thin sheet of metal that has been slit and stretched to transform it into a mesh, used as a base for the installation of plaster.

Expanded Shale Aggregate A structural lightweight aggregate made from ground shale particles that have been heated to the point that moisture within the particles vaporizes, causing the particles to expand.

Expansion Joint A surface divider joint that provides space for the surface to expand. In common usage, a building separation joint.

Construction Terms E

Exposed Aggregate Finish A concrete surface in which the coarse aggregate is revealed.

Exposed Grid A framework for an acoustic ceiling that is visible from below after the ceiling is completed.

Exposure Durability Classification A system for rating the expected resistance of a wood panel product to weathering.

Extended Life Admixture A substance that retards the onset of the curing reaction in mortar so that the mortar may be used over a protracted period of time after mixing.

Extended Set Control Admixture A substance that retards the onset of the curing reaction in concrete or mortar so that the material may be used over a protracted period of time after mixing.

Extensive Green Roof A green roof with a shallow soil, planted with low maintenance, drought tolerant plant materials.

Construction Terms E

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) A cladding system that consists of a thin layer of reinforced stucco applied directly to the surface of an insulating plastic foam board.

External Flashing In masonry, a flashing that is not concealed within the wall, usually at the roof level or top of the wall.

External Gutter A gutter hung off the edge of a roof, external to the roof construction itself.

Extrados The convex surface of an arch.

Extrusion The process of squeezing a material through a shaped orifice to produce a linear element with the desired cross section; an element produced by this process.

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