Condenser Water Circuit, What is a Condenser Water Circuit, How does a Condenser Water Circuit work

The condenser water circuit speaks to what is a condenser water  circuit and how does a condenser water circuit and consists of:

Water Circuit Pumps

The purpose of the water circuit pumps is to circulate water from the chiller to the cooling tower and from the tower sump back to the chiller.

Pumps are usually installed with circuit balance valves (CBV) at the discharge of the pump. The valve allows water flow to be measured and balanced to design flow rates.

The pumps must be in operation for the chiller to start. Water flow is expressed in usgpm or L/s. Pump discharge pressures are expressed in psi or ft head.

Water Makeup

The automatic water makeup, consists of a water makeup float valve in the cooling tower sump. When the sump water level decreases the float valve lowers, which in turn opens the makeup water valve.

Domestic cold water is introduced into the sump to increase the level back to normal. During cooling tower operation much water is evaporated, resulting in a good deal of makeup water being introduced.

Water Chemical Treatment

The water treatment is necessary to ensure there is not premature deterioration of pipes, pumps, valves and coils. Chemicals necessary to treat the water may be added manually or automatically. It is usually a manual function in most applications.

However, on more sophisticated systems water may be automatically tested and chemicals added automatically. They may be added to either the water supply or return lines.

It is suggested that chemical tests be performed on a weekly basis to determine chemical concentration and that conditions be maintained as directed by a chemical specialist. Chemical treatment is necessary to inhibit rust and corrosion of the water side of all chilled water components.

Building Cooling Systems

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