Industrial Radial Arm Saw, Radial arm saws, new radial arm saws, Steel cutting radial arm saw

Industrial radial arm saw speaks radial arm saws, new radial arm saws and steel cutting radial arm saw.

The radial arm saw will do much the same work as the bench saw but cuts from above the work rather than from below.


  • blade
  • ripping hold down
  • sawdust discharge
  • switch
  • ripping scales
  • carriage clamp lock
  • rear post
  • yoke
  • motor
  • fence In cross cutting the radial arm saw has a great advantage over the bench saw. The work is stationary and is clamped to the table while the saw motor unit moves across the work. This eliminates the awkward procedure of pushing long pieces of lumber across the work.
  • The same is true of miter and angle cutting.

    In ripping the saw motor unit is locked parallel to the guide fence, and the work is pushed through the saw, the same as in bench saw ripping.

    For an angle cut the saw motor is set at the desired angle, work is held against the fence, and the saw is pulled across the work.

    Decorative grooves are produced by raising the blade to make a shallow cut.

    The Dado cut is made with repeated passes.

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