Side Grinding Wheels, Grinding wheel types, history of the grinding wheel, Side wheel grinder

Side grinding wheels speak to grinding wheel types, history of the grinding wheel and side wheel grinder.

This is a high speed tool that rotate at about 3500 RPM. When using it is suggested that you always wear protective goggles even though the grinder is equipped with shatterproof transparent eye shields. There is also a metal guard around the wheel for protection against wheel failure.


  • wheel guard
  • motor
  • eye shield
  • tool rest
  • tool rest adjustment
  • switch
  • base
  • coarse wheel
  • fine wheel
  • lamb’s wool buffer
  • cloth buffer
  • fiber brush
  • wire brush Suggested use Set the adjustable tool rest that supports the work about 1/8 inch from the wheel. Use the coarse wheel for soft materials and the fine wheel for hard brittle material and smooth finishing. To avoid damage from overheating let wheel cool between passes. If you replace a grinding wheel make sure that the wheel is rated to the same speed rating.
  • The grinder can be used to clean and polish. Wire brush wheels, coarse and fine are the best to remove rust and corrosion from metal and to produce a medium luster finish. For a high polish use a cloth buffing wheel with buffing compounds.


    Most grinders have ball bearings that need no lubrication. If your tool has oil holes or grease cups, apply the recommended lubricant as required.

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