Band Saws Review, Band saws for woodworking, Metal band saw, Metal cutting band saws

Band saws review speaks to band saws for woodworking, metal band saw and metal cutting band saws.

This review explains how the fast cutting saw uses a flexible steel blade, in the form of a continuous loop that runs over two rubber tired wheels. The size is determined by the diameter of the wheels.


  • switch
  • upper wheel guard
  • sliding blade guard
  • blade guides
  • blade slot
  • ball bearing blade support
  • blade
  • arm
  • table
  • table insert
  • miter gauge groove
  • lower wheel guard When using the saw, feed the work into the blade at the point where it passes through the table. Note that a slot running to the table’s edge permits blade removal and replacement. For straight fast cutting use a wide coarse toothed blade. For curve cutting use a narrow blade, the width depending on the radius you want to cut. A 3/8 inch wide blade can cut a 1 inch radius though the narrower ¼ inch blade provides a safety margin.
  • Band Saws Review

    When operating the saw set the upper blade guide about ¼ to ½ inch above the work. The sliding blade guide supports the blade as the work is pressed against it. It also tends to act as a guard against accidental hand contact with the blade.

    Only finger pressure is needed to feed the work through a sharp blade. Never use a dull blade as the extra pressure required makes accidental slips of the hand more likely. As band saw blades are not too expensive and stay sharp a long time it is suggested that dull ones be discarded.

    Most band saws are equipped with a tilting table for beveling and a fence for ripping. The fence should only be used with a wide blade as a narrow blade will tend to cut into then soft areas of the wood and thus cause wandering. The space between the blade and the upright arm often dictates the way work can be cut.

    Sometimes it is necessary to turn the work upside down to make certain parts of a cut. If you have a long cut in one direction and a short one in another it is best to make the short cut first. The work can then easily be backed out of the blade and then you will be in a position to start the long cut from the easiest point.

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