Belt Sander Grinder, bench grinder belt sander combo, Benchtop belt grinder, Belt grinder attachment

Belt sander grinder speaks to bench grinder belt sander combo, benchtop belt grinder and belt sander grinder attachment

Using the proper belt the belt sander grinder can sand, grind, sharpen and polish nearly any material. The belt cuts faster and it operates with less heat than regular grinding wheels. Also it is capable to sand internal surfaces by removing the belt from the pulleys and pass it through the inside of the work.


  • switch
  • motor
  • idler pulley
  • spring loaded pulley
  • tracking adjustment
  • adjustable table
  • stationary pulley This is one of the better power tools for the small shop or for home owner use. Small pieces can be sanded comfortably on the sander grinder as its belt is only 1 inch wide. There are seven types of belts available for use on this machine.
  • Maintenance Tools

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