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This drill press information notes that the drill press is the second most popular stationary power tool in the shop. It is second to only the radial arm saw.


  • base
  • table
  • table clamp
  • column
  • feed lever
  • motor
  • belt guard
  • quill
  • depth stop
  • quill lock
  • geared chuck Attachments and jigs Fly cutter is used to drill large diameter holes and you should be sure the cutter is locked in place before turning on the power. Drill press vise is a handy accessory for holding round or irregular work. It is suggested that you punch a starting mark in round work. Hole saw is used to cut holes from ¾ to 2 ½ inch in wood or metal. It can also cut through work at ¾ inch thick.
  • Countersinking on the drill press is done with a special bit. Always adjust the stop to limit the countersinking depth.

    Drum sanding may be done on the drill press Make sure the shaft of the sander is firmly locked before turning on the power.

    The tool can drill round holes or even square holes at any angle or to a reset depth in wood, metal and plastic. The size of a drill press is based on the diameter of the circle through which the tool can drill a center hole.

    To drill a hole at an angle, clamp the work to the drill press table and then tilt and lock the table to the desired angle.

    Drill Press Table Top

    Always make sure that you have a supporting block of wood under the work to be drilled to avoid marring the drill press table. This will also prevent splintering as the bit passes through the work.

    The drill press should always be raised to bring the work as close as possible to the drill bit. In this way it is possible to utilize fully the entire length of the drill.

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