Combination Disc and Belt Sanders, Disc belt sander combo, Belt disc sander, Orbit sander 

Combination disc and belt sanders speaks to s disc belt sander combo, belt disc sander and orbit sander.

These sanders are fast cutting tools that will smooth, trim and shape wood.


  • switch
  • miter gauge
  • disk
  • fence
  • belt
  • tracking adjustment
  • miter gauge
  • slot
  • table The table at the sanding disc tilts from level to 45 degrees and is slotted to fit a miter gauge. It is suggested that to achieve a perfect fit in cabinet work the parts should start slightly over size and then bring them to a precise fit on the sander table. Use a coarse belt for major trimming and a fine belt for a final fit. Due to the fact that the fast cutting disc sander cuts across the grain, surfaces to be stained or left natural should get their final sanding parallel to the grain on the belt sander.
  • The convex surface where the belt runs over the end rollers can do external curve sanding.

    The entire belt assembly can be tilted up to a vertical position for convenience in using the sander on more bulky work.

    Sanding on the disc can be done free hand. Hold the work so that the rotating disc forces it down toward the table.

    External curves can be sanded on the rounded area of the belt where it passes over the pulley. It is suggested that the work keep moving.

    When sanding flat areas on the belt sander, keep the work at a slight angle to the belt. Remove the fence to sand work wider than the belt.

    Maintenance Tools

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