Wood Jointers, How to use a jointer, General jointers, What does a jointer do

Wood jointers speaks to how to use a jointer, general jointers and what does a jointer do.

Wood jointers plane edges and surfaces of lumber by means of a 3 blade cylindrical cutter that resvolves at high speed between the tool’s front and rear tables.


  • switch
  • depth of cut scale
  • table adjusting handle
  • front table
  • fence control handle
  • fence
  • blades
  • rear table
  • rabbeting ledge
  • base
  • front guard Table heights are adjustable and the rear table should be set and locked at the same height of the cutter blades. They should not be changed until required by cutter sharpening or for special work. The depth of cut is established by lowering the front table to the required depth. To make a bevel cut, tilt the fence and lock it.
  • To plane an edge, hold the work firmly on the front table and against the fence with both hands. Keep the hands over the table not the cutter area. As soon as the first part of the work passes over the cutter, use your left hand to hold it down firmly on the rear cutter, while your right hand feeds the work into the cutter. Keep the work pressed against the fence as you move it along.

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