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Wood siding nails speaks to siding nails, best nails for wood siding and split less wood siding nails.

This section deals with wood siding nails and general purpose nails and explains the common types and their uses. The length of nails is given in inches and the longer the nail the greater the width. Nails are sold by the pound and the varied types of nails have different quantities of nails per pound.

Common nails which are general purpose heavy duty and are used in construction and rough work. The large head ensures they won’t pull through.

Finishing nails are used on trim and cabinetwork where nail heads must be concealed. The head is sunk and then filled over.

Casing nails are similar to the finishing nail but heavier. They are used for trim where strength and concealment are required.

Cut floor nails have a rectangular cross and a blunt tip and are used to blind nail flooring through edges without splitting.

Annular ring nail has sharp edge ridges that lock into wood fibers and greatly increase the holding power.

Spiral nails are used in flooring to assure a tight and squeak proof joining. The nail tends to turn into the wood like a screw as it is driven home.

Square shank concrete nail is similar to the round types used to fasten furring strips and brackets to concrete walls and floors.

Common brad nails are used for nailing parquet flooring to subfloor, attaching molding to walls and furniture. Brads are usually sunk and filled.

Tacks are made in cut or round form and are used to fasten carpet or fabric to wood and for similar light fastening jobs.

Upholstery nails are made with both ornamental and colored heads and are used to fasten upholstery where fastenings will show.

Roofing nails have a large head, is usually galvanized and is used to hold composition roofing and the design resists pull through.

Sealing roofing nails have lead or plastic washers under the head to provide watertight seal and is used on metal roofing.

Duplex head nail can be driven tight against the lower head with the upper head projecting to allow removal for temporary work.

Barbed dowel pin nail has many purposes such as aligning parts, serving as a pivot or permitting disassembly or separation.

Corrugated fastener is used in making light duty miter joints such as in screens and large picture frames. It is driven across the joint.

Staples are made in many forms and hold wire fencing, bell wire, electric cable, screening and is available with insulated shoulders.

Completion wood siding nails.

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