Block Plane Sharpening, Sharpening hand planes, Plane sharpening jig, Sharpening a plane blade

Block plane sharpening speaks to sharpening hand planes, plane sharpening jig and sharpening a plane blade.

This site describes sharpening as wells the uses of an electric block. This tool is directly related to the electric jack plane but is smaller, lighter and easier to use.

The block plane may be used with one hand leaving the other free to support the work.

This tool can be used for surface planning, such as planning the inside of a window and line. It can quickly fix a sticking door.


  • handle
  • motor
  • cutter depth adjustment
  • cutter guard
  • brush cap
  • cutter lock shaft pin
  • cutter shaft
  • cutter
  • cutter washer
  • cutter bolt
  • wrench
  • adjustable guide fence
  • fence wing nut
  • Block Pane Sharpening Procedures

    Using a magnifying glass inspect the cutting edge for burrs and nicks. Using an electric bench grind wheel with a medium grit remove the burrs and nicks.

    Firmly hold the blade to be sharpened bevel side up and move it left to right, right to left against the grinding wheel ensuring that the cutting edge is held square to the wheel.

    Then turn over the blade to bevel side down and repeat the previous action holding the blade at a 25 degree angle matching the bevel.

    Using a fine grit stone with a few drops of oil on it, finish the edge. Hold the bevel flat against the stone, pull the blade back towards you and lift at the end of the stroke. Wipe the blade clean every three strokes and clean and again oil the stone.

    Once again drag the blade across the stone with the bevel side up to remove any burrs that might exist.

    Re-examine the blade with your magnifying glass.

    Maintenance Tools

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