Best Jack Plane, Tested jack planes, Planes for the beginner, Using a jack plane

Best jack plane speaks to tested jack planes, planes for the beginner and using a jack plane.

The jack plane information would state that this tool is directly related to the electric block plane but does the work of a hand plane with less effort and produces a smooth job on knots and wavy grain. It functions by means of a revolving cutter that turns about 22,000 rpm.


  • handle
  • elevating knob
  • switch
  • motor
  • fence lock
  • handle
  • fence The plane has a fence which projects down from one side perpendicular to the bottom. If you are planning the edge of a board or door, the fence is held against the side of the work. This produces a perfect square edge cut. The fence can be removed for surface planning of wide areas and when tilted it can be used for beveling.
  • To plane a long board, clamp the piece of work securely and grasp the jack plane firmly. Then use down, as well as side pressure, to keep the guide snug against the work. To make a bevel cut across the grain, set the fence at the desired angle. Use the same procedure as explained above for planning a long board but reduce down pressure at the front. This will minimize chipping at the end of the cut.

    As an alternate method you can clamp scrap work at the end of the work.

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