Orbital Floor Sanders, Wood floor sanders, Wood floor refinishing, Floor sanding and refinishing

Orbital floor sanders speaks to wood floor sanders, wood floor refinishing, floor sanding and refinishing.

Floor sanders are used as a finishing tool because its abrasive surface moves in small diameter circular motion. It is particularly effective where more than one grain direction is encountered such as in miter joints or in checkerboard patterns.


  • rear handle
  • switch
  • locking button
  • front handle
  • paper holder
  • abrasive paper Many sanders now on the market can be switched from orbital sanding to straight line sanding with the flip of a switch. The sanding surfaces vary from about 3 X 7 and 4 X 9 inches. Most orbital sander4s are motor powered except for a cheaper model which makes use of a vibrator.
  • The front knob on all sanders can be removed so that the sander can work right up to a vertical surface without interference.

    Every manufacturer has its own method of attaching the sandpaper to the operating end. Some use clamps, others a knurled rod or a sliding clip arrangement.

    The locking button, near the switch will ensure the motor runs without the need of constant pressure on the spring loaded switch.

    Maintenance Tools

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