Hand Held Circular Saw, Circular saw, How to use a circular saw, Circular hand saws

Hand held circular saw speaks to a circular saw, how to use a circular saw and circular hand saws both safe use and maintenance

A hand circular saw will consist of these components: handle

trigger switch


knob handle

blade tilt lock

base plate

rip fence

replaceable blade

lower blade guard

blade locking washer and bolt

blade height lock

retracting knob for lower blade guard

upper blade guard

It is best to buy a saw that is capable of cutting a 2 x 4 at a 45 degree angle and should have a blade diameter of 7 inches or more.

Other considerations

The saw should have a depth adjustment which allows you to make shallow cuts when required.

The saw should have an angle adjustment for cutting miters and bevels.

The saw should have a ripping fence which guides the saw when you want to rip a board to a specific width.

The saw should have an automatic spring actuated blade guard that retracts as the blade enters the work, and then covers the exposed part of the blade as soon as the cut has been completed.


Combination crosscut and rip blade is suitable for most purposes. It does a good job of cutting thick or thin hardwoods and softwoods with or across the grain as well as plywood and hardboard.

Crosscut blade which has fine teeth which cut smoothly across grain of either hardwood or softwood. It is suitable for cutting plywood, hardboard and hardened veneers. It is also good for framing 2 X 4 lumber.

Rip blade has larger teeth than the combination blade and is recommended when it is desired to do a large amount of cutting with the grain. It is best used with the rip fence or guide batten for easier more accurate cutting.

Hollow ground blade makes the smoothest cut and cuts thick or thin materials requiring little or no sanding. It is suggested to keep blades sharp to minimize fiber fraying and wood scorching which may happen if the blade is dull.

Abrasive blades are suitable for masonry, metal, plastic and other hard materials. They are excellent for scoring bricks or blocks for ease of breaking. It is suggested that you buy the blade to suit the type of material to be cut.

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