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Bench top table saws speak to portable table saws, table saw reviews and bench top table saw work station plans.

Bench top table saws also known as the table or circular saws range in size from 7.5 to 10 inches in blade diameter which gives them a cutting depth of 1.5 to 3.375 inches. It is a popular saw for the shop using an 8 inch blade.


  • switch
  • blade height adjustment
  • blade tilting mechanism
  • miter gauge slots
  • table extension
  • table
  • blade
  • guard
  • miter gauge
  • rip fence
  • lock
  • rip fence adjustment
  • rip fence guide Bench saws can cut long lengths at any width set by the fence, crosscut at any angle set on the miter gauge and make bevel cuts when the blade is tilted. The blade can be raised or lowered to cut to any depth for grooving. A dado head used in place of the saw blade can cut grooves up to .75 inches wide in a single pass.
  • Work is always fed to the saw from the front of the table. All settings such as width, cutting depth, bevel or miter gauge angle should be made the power cord disconnected.

    To make the cut start the saw and let it achieve full speed before feeding in the work. Do not feed the work in too quickly or it will slow the blade speed.


    Use the guard rail for all work that permit its use. The guard must be removed for such operations as grooving, coving, dado cuts and for edge cutting in wide stock.

    Use goggles when operating the saw.

    Always stand to one side of the blade, never in front of it.

    Remove your tie and make sure sleeves are tight around your wrists or roll them up.

    When ripping set the fence for the desired width and hold the work against the fence as you push it through the saw. Do not force it.

    When ripping narrow work always use a push stick, not your fingers to feed the work into and through the saw blade.

    When crosscutting, set the gauge at the desired angle and hold the work firmly against the gauge and feed slowly.

    A bevel cut is made by tilting the table to the desired angle. A scale at the tilting mechanism is marked off in degrees.

    Maintenance Tools

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