Wood Shingles Shakes, What are wood shingle shakes

Wood shingles shakes speaks to what are wood shingles shakes, why use wood shingle shakes.

In North America they are made from Red cedar, White cedar or Redwood because of the natural decay resistance of these woods.

Wood shingles and shakes are frequently recommended to be installed over spaced sheathing or a breather mat which is a wiry plastic mat that creates a continuous air space. This airspace permits airflow under the shingles and prevent the accumulation of moisture and the accelerated deterioration of the shingles or shakes.

Wood roof coverings are moderately expensive and are not highly resistant to fire unless the shakes or shingles have been pressure treated retardant chemicals. They eventually fail from erosion of the wood fibers and may be expected to last 15 to 25 years under average conditions.

Wood Shingles are thin tapered slabs of wood, sawn from the short pieces of tree trunk with the grain of the wood running approximately parallel to the face of the shingle.

Wood shingles are often installed as reroofing over existing asphalt shingles. Small corrosion resistant nails are driven near each edge at the midheight of the shingle. Each succeeding course covers the joints and nails in the course below.

Wood shakes are split from the wood, rather than sawn and exhibit a much rougher face texture than wood shingles.

Wood shakes are often installed as reroofing over existing asphalt shingles. The cut and shape of shakes is coarse and rough as compared to shingles. Each course is interleaved with strips of heavy asphalt saturated felt which is 18 inches (460 mm) wide as extra security against the effect of wind and water between the highly irregular and thereby loosely mated shakes.

The roofer usually wears a nail stripper around his neck which speeds up the work by holding nails and aligning them with points down, ready for driving.

Another method of securing new shakes over a roof deck is to use air driven heavy duty staplers for greater speed. The strips of asphalt saturated felt are placed in advance with their lower edges unfastened. Each course or row of shakes is laid out, slipped under its felt strip, then quickly fastened by roofers walking across the roof and inserting staples as fast as they can pull the trigger.

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