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The Romantic Gothic era was from the 1820s to the 1850 the romantic was of interest from the 1850s and on and began in Great Britain. There was revised interest in everything medieval, which included the history, dress, ethics, manners, customs and the architecture.

In the beginning of this renaissance, medieval architectural forms were used mostly for decorative purposes and a number of homes and country villas were built in the style. The Romantic Gothic Revival received official support with the passage of the Church Building Act of 1818, which enabled a government commission to assist in the design and construction of nearly two hundred churches throughout the industrialized parts of England.

These churches had the floor plans and proportions of the classic churches of the eighteenth and early nineteenth century churches built with the Palladian Style and Neoclassical Style as the mitigating factor. It was also true that many were given the fancy dressing of Gothic Revival detail.

Another impetus to the Gothic Revival was the decision in 1835 to rebuild the recently burned Palaces of Westminster in Gothic style. This was Great Britain’s principal public work project undertaken in the first half of the nineteenth century and thus was very influential in influencing the thoughts of people of that era.

In North America especially Canada, the use of Gothic Revival decorative technique was never completely abandoned even when more thought to be correct tastes appeared. These correct tastes were evident as explained in Ecclesiological Gothic Revival Style and the High Victorian Gothic Revival Style.

Buildings of this sort have the symmetry and proportions of classicism with the details of the Gothic Revival, and as a style they constitute an easily recognized vernacular type evident throughout the country.

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