Repairing Copper Pipe

Repairing Copper Pipe

Copper sometimes gets dented or kinked, even after it is installed, and it can split when frozen. Fixing the pipe means cutting out the damaged section and replacing it.

The key to this process is to cut on either side of the area needing repair. The procedure shown here uses push on fittings, but of course, you can install soldered copper couplings if you want to.

The pipe must be perfectly round to accept a new fitting. Make sure you mark the cut at a section where it’s not damaged. Make sure you mark the cut at a section where it is not damaged.

You can use a hacksaw to cut the copper, but it leaves jagged edges you will need to file down. A tubing cutter makes cleaner cuts.

Make sure you cut perpendicular to the pipe so it is square on the end. Smooth the inside of the pipe with the reamer on the cutter. Using new copper, cut  piece equal to or slightly shorter than the damaged one.

Be sure to subtract for any length that will be taken up by the couplings. Insert the replacement pipe into two push on fittings.

Special Tip

The most common error made when repairing damaged pipe is not cutting far enough away from both sides of the damage. Be sure to cut the pipe where it makes a perfect circle so the fitting will seat properly.

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