Panel Metal Roofing, What is panel metal roofing

Panel metal roofing speaks to what is panel metal roofing and explain panel metal roof for low slope roofs.

It has been developed by manufacturers which are metal roof panels that can be used as low slope roofs at pitches as shallow as ¼:12 (1 in 48 or about 2 percent).

These systems can be applied not only to prefabricated metal buildings but to buildings constructed of materials as well. They are called structural panel metal roofing because the the folded shape of the metal roofing gives it sufficient stiffness to support itself and normal snow loads between purlins without a structural deck beneath.

This name also distinguishes it from architectural sheet metal roofing which are the traditional forms of metal roofing that are not self supporting. Architectural sheet metal roofing is utilized largely on steep roofs.


As a first step in reroofing a building with a structural metal roof, steel Z purlins are erected over the old roof on tubular metal posts.

A proprietary metal clip is used to fasten the metal roofing sheets to the Z purlins while allowing for thermal movement in the sheets. A plastic foam collar avoids thermal bridging.

The completed structural metal roof has a slope of only ¼:12 (1 in 48). Numerous penetrations for plumbing vents, air vents and ductwork are typical of low slope roofs.

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