Need HVAC Serviced

Need HVAC Serviced

Courtni Wisenbaker-Scheel

Need HVAC serviced speaks to that time of year again where the best place to be is in the hot sun. That’s only true, though, if you have an air-conditioned home to cool off in once you are back inside! A struggling HVAC unit puts a damper on anyone’s summer enjoyment, but none more so than the elderly and small children, who are both susceptible to a number of major health issues when they get overheated. You always want to make sure that you loves being at home. Here are our three signs to recognize when you need HVAC serviced.

No Cold Air

The most obvious sign it’s time for a servicing is when your AC’s airflow isn’t as cool as it used to be. This could be a simple fix, like replacing the freon within the unit, or it could be emblematic of a much larger and far more expensive issue, like a failing compressor. If you find yourself facing a costly fix, compare your repair quote to the price of a replacement HVAC. Sometimes it can actually be more affordable to purchase an entirely new unit rather than fixing the one you have. Plus, when you do so, you then have the peace of mind that comes with a new warranty.




Weak Air Flow Need HVAC Serviced

Similarly, if your HVAC can no longer effectively push the cool air throughout every room of the house, your compressor may be to blame and you’ll need to have it serviced immediately.

Poor air flow isn’t solely based on the health of your compressor, though. Over time, debris can filter into your ductwork and cause significant blockages. An experienced service technician will be able to determine and repair this issue quickly and easily, getting your entire house cool in no time.

Bizarre Odors, Sounds, and Moisture

If you are able to smell, hear, or see signs of your HVAC working, then you have a problem. These could be signs of leaky refrigerant, a blocked drainage tube, burned wire insulation, mold growth, a slipped belt, broken motor bearings, or any other number of problems—all of which are fixable. Though all of these need to be addressed sooner rather than later, you will want to have a technician come to your home immediately if you see pooled refrigerant or suspect mold growth since both can lead to serious health issues for you and your loved ones.

Like with most things, choosing to address the issue quickly will usually lead to smaller out-of-pocket expenses; so call in an expert as soon as you notice any shift from the norm.

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