Low Slope Products, What are low slope products, Why low slope products

Low slope products speaks to what are low slope products and why low slope products.

These products are used when it is usually defined as a roof whose slope is less than 2:12 or 17%.

These roofs have many disadvantages:

Water drains slowly from the surfaces and small errors in design or construction can cause them to trap puddles of standing water.

The membranes that cover low slope roofs must be completely watertight. Even small punctures, tears, or gaps in the seams caused by construction defects, physical wear and tear, or building structure movement, can allow much water to enter the building structure and its interior with a great deal of damage resulting.

Excess building pressure which occurs when too much outside air is introduced to the building as compared to exhaust air can cause the membrane to blister and rupture.

These roofs also have advantages:

These roofs can cover a building of any horizontal dimension when a steep roof becomes less economic when used on a very broad building.

A building with a low slope roof has a much simpler geometry that is often cheaper to construct.

When the roof is appropriately detailed it can serve as balconies, decks, patios and even landscaped gardens or parks.


A low slope roof is a highly interactive assembly made up of multiple components. The roof deck is the structural surface that supports the roof.

Thermal insulation is installed to slow the transfer of heat into and out of the building while an air barrier restricts the leakage of air through the roof assembly.

A vapour retarder is essential in colder climates or when enclosing humid spaces to prevent moisture vapour from condensing within it.

The roof membrane is the water proof sheet of material that keeps water out of the building.

Drainage components such as roof drains, gutters and downspouts remove the water that runs off the membrane. Around the membrane edges and wherever it is penetrated by pipes, vents, expansion joints, electrical conduits or roof hatches, special flashings and details must be designed and installed to prevent water penetration.

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