Hydraulic Terms S, Hydraulic phrases S, Hydraulic glossary S

Hydraulic Terms S speaks to  hydraulic phrases S and hydraulic glossary S which are words and phrases commonly used in the hydraulic industry.

Saybolt Universal Second This is a method of measuring viscosity and is named after George M Saybolt who invented this device.

Seal A device which prevents or controls the escape or passage of hydraulic fluid. Sequence Valve This is a normally non passing pressure control valve which causes one operation to occur before another sequence is referred to as a sequence valve.

Simple Relief Valve A simple relief valve basically consists of a valve body with a spool which is biased by a heavy spring. When pilot pressure at the spool end opposite the spring is high enough, the spool moves up opening a path to the tank for pump flow.

Solenoid A solenoid is an electromechanical device which converts electrical into linear mechanical force and motion. It’s counterpart in a hydraulic system is a cylinder.

Soluble Oil Fluid This is a fluid made up of water emulsified with 1-10% oil and is an oil in water emulsion. If remarked that being used is 5% soluble oil in his system is indicating that the fluid is made up of 95% water and 5% oil or chemical concentration.

Stop Tube A stop is a solid, metal collar which fits over the piston rod. A stop tube keeps the piston and rod gland bushing separated when a long stroke cylinder is fully extended. Since it is a bearing, a rod gland bushing is designed to take some loading when supporting the rod as it moves in and out of the cylinder.

Stroke Adjusters Sometimes the stroke length of a cylinder must be externally controlled. Periodic adjustment is accomplished with a threaded rod which can be screwed in or out of the cylinder cap. Each style of stroke adjuster must be examined for its effect on stopping, impact, shock, etc.

Suction Filter A suction filter placed in the suction outside of the reservoir. The range of filtration usually found in suction line filters from 238 to 250 micrometers.

Sump Strainer A sump strainer is usually a coarse filter element screwed onto the end of a pump’s suction line.

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