Hydraulic Terms G, Hydraulic phrases G, Hydraulic glossary G

Hydraulic Terms G speaks hydraulic phrases G, hydraulic glossary G  common words and phrases used in the hydraulic industry.

Gage Pressure This scale begins at the point of atmospheric pressure and the units of measurement are psi. Gage pressure is atmospheric pressure of 14.7 psi plus measured gage pressure.

Gate Valve A gate valve has a flow path straight through its center. The size of the orifice is changed by turning the handle which positions a gate or wedge across the fluid path. Although gate valves are not designed to restrict flow, they are found in some systems where coarse metering is required.

Gear Pumps Gear pumps generate a pumping action by causing gears to mesh and unmesh. A gear pump basically consists of a housing with inlet and outlet ports and a pumping mechanism made up of two gears, One gear, the drive gear is attached to a shaft which is connected to a prime mover. The other gear is the driven gear.

Gear Pump External An external gear pump has both meshing gears and have teeth on their outer circumferences. Often referred to as gear-on-gear pumps.

Gear Pump Internal This pump consists of one external gear which meshes with the teeth on the inside circumference of a larger gear. It is sometimes referred to as gear-within-gear pump.

Gerotor Motor A gerotor motor is an internal gear motor with an inner drive gear and an outer drive gear which has one more tooth than the inner gear. The inner gear is attached to a shaft which is connected to a load.

Gerotor Pump This is an internal gear pump with an inner drive gear and an outer drive gear. The inner gear has one less tooth than the outer gear.

Gland Drain On systems where there is the possibility that too much fluid collects in the drain chamber and may cause a leaking rod gland. In these applications or in any application where excessive amounts of fluid may collect in the gland, the rod gland should be externally drained.

GlobeValve A globe valve does not have straight through flow path. Instead the fluid must bend 90 degrees and pass through an opening which is the seat of a plug or globe. The size of ther opening is changed by positioning the globe.

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