Hydraulic Terms B, Hydraulics Phrases B, Hydraulics glossary B

Hydraulic Terms B speaks to hydraulic phrases B and hydraulic glossary B are common words and phrases starting with this letter that designers, manufacturers, suppliers, sales and service people use in the hydraulics industry.

Back Pressure Check Valve A check valve used to cause the generation of a system pressure level required for the operation of other valves.

Bent Axis Piston Pump The pumping mechanism of a bent axis piston pump consists of a cylinder barrel, pistons, port plate, flange, piston linkages and a drive shaft. In this pump the cylinder barrel is not in line with the drive shaft but is at an angle to the shaft. Because of this arrangement as the shaft is turned the pistons are pulled out of the barrel during one half of the barrel rotation.

This generates an increase in volume. On the other half of the barrel rotation, the pistons are pushed in and a decreasing volume is formed. In this pump incoming fluid is separated from discharge fluid by means of a port plate.

Bleeder (Bleed Valve) A device for removal of pressurized fluid. Used to bleed air from system.

Bleed Off Circuit This is another type of control circuit in which the flow control valve does not cause an additional resistance for the pump. It operates by bleeding off to tank a portion of the pump’s flow at the existing system pressure.

Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge This gauge consists of a dial face calibrated in units of psi, bar, pa and needle pointer attached through a linkage to a flexible metal Bourdon tube which is connected to system pressure.

Boiling and Pressure A liquid can also be made to boil by decreasing the pressure acting on it. When this is reduced pressure equals the vapour pressure of the liquid, molecules of liquid will freely enter the area above the liquid.

Brake Valve A brake valve consists of a valve body with primary and secondary passages, internal and remote pilot passages, spool, piston, bias spring and spring adjustment. It is normally a non-passing pressure control valve with both and direct and remote pilots connected simultaneously for its operation.

This valve is frequently used with hydraulic motors instead of a directly operated counterbalance valve.

Case Drain All variable volume pressure compensated pumps must have their housings externally drained. The pump mechanisms in these pumps move extremely fast when pressure compensation is required. Any build up of fluid within the housing would hinder their movement.

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