Glueing CPVC Pipe

Glueing CPVC Pipe

The first task when glueing CPVC is to choose a glue. You have two choices, orange glue or gold glue. There is essentially no difference in the performance of either type but the gold glue will save you a little time. It does not require a primer while the orange glue does.

If you are using the gold, apply the gold glue both inside the fitting hub end. Though the entire surface of the hub and pipe end needs to be coated, don’t over apply the glue. Typically, a tradesman will go around both the fitting and the pipe twice and on the third time, will wipe away the excess with the dauber.

Immediately after you apply the glue, slip the fitting onto the pipe or vice versa. A professional will slip the fitting on slightly out of alignment and then turn either the fitting or the pipe into proper alignment. This spreads the glue evenly around the joint. Don’t rush, but don’t waste any time either as these glues set up quickly.

If you are using glue with primer, apply the purple primer with essentially the same application techniques to coat the surfaces. This primer dulls the plastic and gives the glue a grip for better adhesion. Then apply the glue and assemble the joint.

Be warned that too much CPVC glue may form a dam inside once they are assembled. To avoid the excess, rake the dauber off in the can, leaving just enough glue on it to put a thin coat on both the fitting and the pipe.

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