Crimping Pex

Crimping PEX

PEX cuts easily with a sharp ratcheting scissors. Position the scissors square to the pipe and push the handles together to cut through pipe and push the handles together to cut through the pipe.

Insert the copper ring over the pipe and don’t worry about the placement of the ring at this time. Slide the fitting into the pipe as far as the fitting will allow. Some fittings have physical stops built in, which makes this task foolproof. Always install the rings with the procedures recommended by the manufacturer of the PEX pipe you are using.

Most PEX varieties require you to slide the ring up against the fitting shoulder, then back it off the shoulder by about ¼ inch. However, some manufacturers design their fittings so the ring bumps up against the shoulder and stays there. Using pliers, gently squeeze the ring tight against the pipe.

At this stage, the ring must be tight enough to keep the crimpers from moving it out of place. After verifying the ring is still properly, place the crimper jaws over the ring, making sure it lies at 90 degrees to the pipe. Close the jaws of the crimper completely and you will feel the ring compress.

The crimper must not move the ring out of place. Open the jaws of the crimpers all the way. Visually check to make sure it’s the proper distance from the fitting shoulder and that it’s been crimped fully around it circumference and not at an angle. If the ring is imperfectly crimped, you will have to cut the pipe, remove the ring and start over.

Crimping Stainless Bands

Slide the stainless band onto the pipe.

Insert the fitting into the PEX pipe.

Adjust the stainless band so it’s ¼ inch from the fitting shoulder (or at the distance recommended by the manufacturer) and crimp the band with the crimping tool. Make sure the band is placed correctly on the fitting, square to the pipe and crimped properly around its entire circumference.

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