Universal Jigsaw

The universal jigsaw which is also called a scroll saw is a tool which the cutting blade moves in a reciprocating motion up and down.


  • switch
  • base
  • over arm
  • tension sleeve
  • upper chuck
  • hold down
  • table insert
  • table
  • guide post
  • blower
  • blade
  • motor
  • bevel tilt scale

    Using different blades it can make straight and curved cuts in wood, light metal and plastic. It is capable of very small radius cuts hence the work is well suited for model and filigree work. The capacity of the saw is determined by the distance from the blade to the post at the rear.

    It is suggested to use only light pressure in moving the work into the blade, which normally faces forward.

    For long rip cuts, the blade can be mounted to face sideways. Set the rip fence for the required width. If the saw has no fence you can make one by clamping a straight length of wood to the table.

    Use the slimmest blade called a jeweller blade for very small radius cuts. For fast cutting and gradual curves use the heavier saber blades.

    Some saws can also use small machine files for rapid filing. To bevel, simply tilt the table to the desired angle and lock it in place.

    Maintenance Tools

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