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Unit heater A self contained space heater which may use hot water, steam, electricity or gas to produce heat. May include a forced air fan.

Valves, control Includes all control valves that my be pneumatic or electric.

Valves, steam pressure reducing A device used to regulate and control steam pressure for delivery throughout the system.

Water cooler This equipment dispenses potable water and may also contain a refrigeration unit to cool the water.

Washer fixed pressure type This is a device which includes a fixed station producing water under pressure and a spray gun to direct the water jet on equipment to be washed.

Water cooler, central station A central system for dispensing potable water which normally consists of a chilling unit, distribution piping, drinking fountains and controls.

Water softener, demineraliser This is external equipment for the removal of minerals by chemical, ion exchange or other means. Usually includes a distiller.

Water heater, domestic Includes a storage tank and a heater section either electrical, gas, steam or hot water.

Water Treatment Systems Water treatment for potable water, glycol boilers, feed water, chilled water, condenser water, humidifier and spray water. Includes chemical mixing tanks, pot feeders and associated components.

Well pump A pump designed to supply water from an underground reservoir or well and could include floor mounted, submersible or turbine types.

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