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Scrubbers Equipment that is designed to remove contaminants from air or water streams as required.

Sewage treatment Equipment components designed to remove harmful bacteria from sewage.

Solar collector Equipment designed to convert solar energy to mechanical or electrical energy.

Soot blower Equipment used to remove unburned products of combustion from boiler heating surfaces and other heating accessories.

Smoke control systems, high rise buildings Used for high rises and is a venting system used to pressurize buildings and reduce smoke levels during fires.

Sprinkler system, automatic dry pipe A system used in areas where piping may be exposed to freezing temperatures. The pipe contains compressed air that holds back the water by means of a dry pipe valve. When a sprinkler nozzle opens, the air is released allowing the dry pipe valve to open and water is then admitted into the pipe system and out the nozzles.

Sprinkler system, preaction, deluge A fire suppression system.

Sprinkler system, automatic wet pipe Normally used in areas where temperature is maintained above 32 F. In this system all the piping is filled up to the sprinklers with water under pressure. When heat actuates the sprinkler water water is immediately sprayed over the area below.

Sprinkler system, commercial cooking equipment Fire suppression systems which is generally used for kitchen hoods and CO2 is incorporated as the fire suppressing agent.

Standpipe and hose This is a pipe system with a water supply under pressure to which fire hoses can be connected. The exterior connections are for use by the fire department and are located on the street side of the building or property. Interior pipe connections are usually contained in hose cabinets which are located on all floors near the exits and at specific distances.

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