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Mechanical Terms GtoM speaks engineering definitions starting GtoM and engineering phrases GtoM commonly used in the construction and engineering trades.

Hoist, pneumatic Hoist with hydraulic piston set in floor and is operated by air pressure.

Hoist, manual, electric Equipment used for raising and lowering objects. These can be portable or attached to a monorail system.

Hoist, overhead, travelling bridge crane Equipment used for raising and lowering objects and can consist of an overhead rail, assembly, gears, pull up, ropes, chains etc.

Humidifier Equipment that adds moisture to the air and can include steam, spray and drum types.

Induction Unit An under the window floor mounted device used for heating and/or cooling, which mixes supply and room air in the unit by induced draft. It consists of primary, induced and supply air.

Interceptor, grease or oil A strainer and trap installed in the drain or waste system of kitchens, service areas and car washes to entrap and prevent grease and oil enteringthe common sewage system.

Irrigation system Component parts which usually consist of pipes, valves, pumps and control devices.

Mixing box A heat transfer mechanism where air with different conditions of temperature are mixed prior to delivery to the conditioned space.

Mixing section, air system The component of a built up air system that mixes outside with return air and delivers it in a temperature controlled manner to the air system, a portion being exhaust air to outside.

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